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Lucid Dreaming Video Course

Harness The Full Potential Of Your Dreams


Our dreams provide us with incredible opportunities for personal development and life-enriching new experiences that feel just as real as waking life. However, most people waste these opportunities by wandering mindlessly through their dreams. With lucid dreaming, you can overcome nightmares, find creative solutions to real-world problems, fulfil your wildest fantasies, and have virtually any experience you can imagine!

Lucid Dreaming Is A Skill You Can Learn

Studies show that lucid dreaming can be learned by virtually anyone; even people who have never had a lucid dream before. However, there are so many techniques available that it's hard to know where to even begin, let alone how to choose the most effective techniques and structure them into a sustainable and rewarding practice! Sadly, most people give up on lucid dreaming without getting the results they hoped for.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Learning Lucid Dreaming

My six-week online video course follows a carefully structured curriculum that takes the guesswork out of learning lucid dreaming. The curriculum is based on my in-depth knowledge of the scientific literature and my extensive one-on-one experience of teaching lucid dreaming to students all over the world. In this course, I share my best tips and tricks to help you learn lucid dreaming as quickly and effectively as possible.

Overview Of The Course

This video course is designed to take six weeks to complete but can also be self-paced. It includes beautifully designed coursebooks and logbooks to help you stay on track, identify areas to focus on, and tailor each technique to you. The course involves approximately 30 to 60 minutes of practice per day and is suitable for beginners and experienced lucid dreamers alike.

You'll learn a wide range of effective lucid dreaming techniques, including techniques for controlling and making the most of your dreams. You'll learn how to fly, change location and extend the length of your lucid dreams. You'll also learn how to use lucid dreaming to gain creative inspiration and personal insight, improve your skills and abilities, and overcome nightmares.


At the end of the course, you'll learn how to create your own personalised lucid dreaming training program that is tailored to your unique sleep and dreaming characteristics and that fits easily into your weekly schedule. You'll get lifetime access to all course content, which allows you to begin whenever you're ready and revisit the videos as many times as you like.


In this course you will:

  • Train confidently under the guidance of a leading expert.

  • Learn the most effective techniques known to science.

  • Learn new and innovative tips and tricks for each technique.

  • Learn how to control and make the most of your lucid dreams.

  • Learn about highly effective lucid dreaming herbs and supplements.

  • Experience the many benefits of mindfulness with guided meditation.

  • Learn how to maintain good sleep hygiene as you practice.

  • Track your progress each week with specially designed logbooks.

  • Create your own personalised lucid dreaming training program.

Backed By World-Class Research

My International Lucid Dream Induction Study and my National Australian Lucid Dream Induction Study are currently the two largest and most in-depth studies on lucid dreaming techniques ever conducted. In both studies, more than 50% of participants had lucid dreams within only a single week, including people who had never had a lucid dream before! If you'd like to know more about my unique lucid dreaming research journey, check out my TEDx talk:


Testimonials From Former Students:

Tom Mascola.jpg


Tom Mascola, New York City


“Working with Dr. Aspy has been a truly enlightening experience. I can honestly say that not only did I gain valuable and helpful insights regarding lucid dreaming techniques, but also a deeper understanding of my own consciousness and awareness. In addition, the techniques and methods learned are things I will carry with me forever into the future and be utilized to continue the fostering and nourishing of my own personal development. For what it’s worth, for anyone considering the acquisition of this skillset, I would highly recommend Dr. Aspy’s knowledge and tutelage. Happy exploring my fellow Oneironauts!”

Peter Teijgeman.jpg


Peter Teijgeman, The Netherlands


“During the 6 weeks program, Denholm introduced and guided me into the world of lucid dreaming. He created an easy to execute, step by step approach based on scientific proof. His style is non-judgemental, motivating and inspiring. For me, Denholm is one of the very few thought leaders in the area of Lucid Dreaming. I can highly recommend working with him.”

Karin Lyle 480 x 640.jpg


Karin Lyle, South Australia


“As someone who is new to lucid dreaming, I found Dr Denholm Aspy’s course enriching and insightful. I felt confident in Denholm’s expertise as he guided me through each week, giving me instant feedback to help me reflect and assist with any questions there and then. I found Denholm non-judgemental, engaging and truly interested in what I had to say. I looked forward to each week with excitement. This course has inspired me and given me the skills and momentum to continue exploring this amazing world of Lucid Dreaming. Thankyou Denholm!”


To find out more about the course, click the button below:


Media Appearances

I've been interviewed more than 75 times on radio and have been featured in hundreds of newspaper and internet articles. You can click below for links to a selection of online articles about my work. For all media enquiries, please use the Contact page.

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