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My TEDx Talk is Now LIVE!

As many of you know, I had the privilege of being invited to present a TEDx talk in the beautiful winter wonderland town of St Gallen, Switzerland, in late 2018.

So much happened behind the scenes to make this possible, and the whole process has been an incredible journey. I spent months writing and preparing for the talk, reciting it in all kinds of weird and wonderful locations, from the tops of high cliffs, to the depths of dark echoey tunnels to ensure that I could present the talk anywhere with confidence.

I was feeling pumped as I stepped on the plane to fly half way across the world. But after all this effort, I came down with a nasty cold the day before the TEDx conference!

I followed my own advice and did the best thing I could under the circumstances: I restricted myself to complete silence during the TEDx speaker’s networking dinner to save my voice – which I nearly lost – and then medicated myself with a potent concoction of herbal tea, cold and flu medication, and Red Bull on the day of the conference.

Stepping off the stage to a huge round of applause from over 600 audience members was exhilarating, and now, the talk is finally live!

I sincerely hope this video will inspire others to live in accordance with their highest values and move toward living their most valued lives. I’m excited to see what unfolds in the coming months as I continue my scientific research on lucid dreaming, build my Counselling and Coaching practice, and prepare to launch my upcoming blog and Lucid Dreaming Video Course.

If you like my TEDx talk, please leave a positive comment on YouTube and share it on social media! If you haven't done so already feel free to Like and Follow my Dr Denholm Aspy Facebook page. This will help me to build my social media following and allow me to share my work with a wider audience.

I hope this day brings you love, light and happiness, and I thank you for your support!

Dr. Denholm Aspy


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